Big Horn County Dispatch Center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the Public Safety Answering Point for Enhanced 9-1-1 for Big Horn County. The dispatch center utilizes Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems provided by Sunridge Software Systems.

Reporting a Crime

Many citizens have the misconception that reporting a crime - in person - at the Sheriff’s Office will get them faster service. This is not necessarily the case.

The Deputies are assigned to patrol a zone or section of the County. When a person walks into the Sheriff’s Office to report a crime, the deputy has to be called in to take their report.

Calls for an officer to report to the Police Station to take a report from a citizen are considered "cold" calls, as opposed to "in-progress" calls and take much longer for the officer to respond to. In some case, a citizen will end up waiting hours for the officer to get free from an "in-progress" call in order to respond to their "cold" call.

For the citizen's comfort and convenience, Sheriff’s Office staff recommends that calls to dispatch to report any crime ("in-progress" or "cold") be done from their home or, if necessary, their work location. That way, a citizen can wait for the officer to respond while continuing on with their day.

Please be aware that "in-progress" calls will always take priority over a "cold" call.

Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Bicycle Theft
  2. Burglary Prevention
  3. Car Prowler
  4. Crime Stoppers
  5. Package/ Mail Theft
  6. Personal Safety Tips
  7. Vehicle Theft
  • Never leave your bike unlocked and makes sure the lock is properly secured
  • Secure the wheels and frame
  • When possible leave bikes in well-traveled areas
  • Secure bikes inside when storing them at home if possible
  • Keep a record of your bike serial number, photos, or other identifiable marks

Employment Opportunities