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Lodge Grass Senior Center

Lodge Grass Senior Center is a Satellite Center of the Big Horn County Council on Aging and is under the direct supervision of the Director at the Hardin office.

  • AdvocacyBig Horn County Senior Citizen Flag
  • Center Activities / Recreation
  • Congregate Meals
  • Educational / Health Films
  • Exercise / Low Impact Classes
  • Health Care / Screening
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Information and Referral Service
  • Legal / Tax Referral
  • Pedicure
  • Tax-Aide
  • Transportation

General Background on the Council on Aging Concept

The programs functions are established to:

  • Promote and develop programs and activities that benefit Senior Citizens;
  • Cooperate with the Montana State Unit on Aging, and Area II Agency on Aging, also public and private agencies of the Community, State, and National level, to more efficiently meet the needs and provide opportunities for older persons;
  • Participate in referral services in areas of Health, Housing, Finances, and Transportation;
  • Bring people together for socialization;
  • Be aware and interested in the aspects, and needs of the Aging, promote appropriate public relations and endeavors, and coordinate activities, and fiscal management; and
  • Seek out resources at the local, state, and national levels, to provide services for the Aging


The Council on Aging also acts as a liaison organization for any agency interested in the positive effects for elderly people. The main purpose is to promote the development of a comprehensive and coordinated service system to meet the needs of older persons.

With this approach, the COA hopes to achieve involvement; plan services, and coordinate planning with other agencies and organizations which promote opportunities to the elderly, on a wider range in both the public and private sectors.

The result will be to promote a better future outlook with new and expanded benefits and opportunities for Senior Citizens that will enhance and fulfill their lives to the maximum.

On July 25, 1969, the Big Horn Association of Senior Citizens, of Hardin, Montana established the Senior Citizens program, now known as the Big Horn County Council on Aging (COA). The COA policies and assurances are under provisions of Section 1321.161 (c) (2) of Title III Federal Regulations. The Federal Older Americans' Act Section 306 (a) (2) (c). The State Area II Agency on Aging, Social and Rehabilitation Service, Community Service Division.

In July 1974, the Big Horn County Council on Aging was incorporated as a non-profit Montana organization under the laws of the State of Montana. This program was established as a tool for the promotion, and that priority should be geared to our most important resources: The Senior Citizens, People, and Community.

Funded By

  • Big Horn County 
  • State of Montana
  • Federal Government
  • Project income
  • In-kind contributions